When They Prise The Controller From My Cold, Dead Hand

// October 18th, 2004 // Geekery

Nice tan I've gotI’ve been going through a bit of a mad gaming patch since I returned from Tokyo. Jan & I have just finished Baldur’s Gate II – one of the few games you can play co-operatively – lots of fun! Sadly while I was away, Jan accidentally deleted my Ratchet & Clank II save, so am starting that from scratch. I still have Jak II: Renegade to play as well (kindly lent by ACP), and The Sims Bustin’ Out. And then today I pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – only two more weeks!

I also have my eye on a swag of PC games like Sims 2, Rome: Total War, Children of the Nile and more… here is my rapidly expanding wishlist at Gameplanet.

Not sure why the sudden obsession – there sure isn’t any time to play games with two tiny children… I find myself looking forward to retirement when I can just sit around gamin’ day and night… if my arthritic hands can still work the controller!

God, I really am a nerd, aren’t I?

2 Responses to “When They Prise The Controller From My Cold, Dead Hand”

  1. org says:

    yes actually darling you ARE a nerd… but all the best people are,so there! our house is currently surviving on a diet of whiskey and splinter cell, though i personally am favouring tony hawk underground 2. hurrah! the new sims is out in december (i think) and its called “urbs” and ren is all-WAY-excited over it (she’s a sims MACHINE). you can use your eyetoy to put yo’self in it, innit! la la la… x

  2. acp says:

    No, I think you are completely normal!

    BTW, I am totally stuck on a part in R&C II… big enemy robot in a city, where you bounce around to different turrets in an attempt to make a dent in it’s side… but it is just soooo damn hard; annoyingly so! Well, so much so that I can’t be bothered sitting there for the eon it will take to pump this one guy full of hot lead to defeat it. I am hoping that this is the final “boss” and then i can give up now and call it quits practically at the end of the game.

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