Tough Love

// October 29th, 2004 // Life

Well, last night we decided to embark on the Control Crying method for Harry (renamed Teach to Sleep to make parents feel better). Basically you put them into their cot, kiss them, leave, then go back in at increasing intervals – 3, 5, 10, 15 and finally every 20 minutes – until they go to sleep. Scary but basically the only thing that is effective in stopping the waking 4 times a night. It doesn’t always work of course. They say to give it 7 nights and if it doesn’t work then, give up for a while.

With much apprehension we put him in his cot, and suffered through the subsequent hour of crying. Then miraculously, sleep descended. Before bed we resigned ourselves to going through the same thing during the night. But at least we got to cuddle with no baby between us. Imagine our surprise when we awoke at 7:15am! Yes, the monster had slept for 11 hours, which he hasn’t done for about 6 months. Still, bracing ourselves for sleepless night tonight.

When Harry woke up, he had the best mohawk! Just like his big brother.

A package arrived for me today… yes, GTA San Andreas! I am very excited but cannot play until the kids are having their nap – it is R18 you know. Looks fantastic – an absolutely huge game map – a whole state instead of a city. Granted, it’s fairly small as states go – but still!

2 Responses to “Tough Love”

  1. org says:

    yay harry etc BUT yippee-ki-yay (?) we just got gta:sa too – still using my virgin staff discount tee hee. will be playing it in 5 hours time… keep in touch!

  2. noo noo says:

    Hurrah for Harry! I suppose you just forgot to tell him before that you would appreciate him sleeping all night.

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