// October 25th, 2004 // Culture, Life

Had a bloody great time in Hamilton. Mike & Larnie are such great parents! They have given up just about all their vices, thank god they still have a few drinks though and indeed total sozzledness was achieved on Saturday night, complete with 3am bedtime and 7am rising time. Joy! Charlotte Darling Brooke is a honey, it took her a while to warm to me but eventually I could wink at her and get a big smile. Apparently she has a glasses phobia so that explains it! Must be nice to have a girl and go crazy with pink Pumpkin Patch outfits.

Larnie’s sister Karen & husband Brett are such nice people too. They put us up and fed us and took us to Hamilton Zoo, and Brett even took Archie for a ride on his tractor, which was of course the best thing that has ever happened to him.

So all-round family-centric, hard drinkin’, Waikato fun! Will put some pics up too.

Can you believe this whole Paris does the Poo story, how strange is that, and poor Delta! Still, as Ausculture points out, Lleyton Hewitt is now on the market – what a love match.

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