First Day

// October 28th, 2004 // Kids, Life

First DayArchie has headed off for his first morning at Playcentre today! His mummy and little brother have gone too, just for introductory purposes. Then he’ll be going Monday and Thursday mornings till the end of November.

He looked so cute with his backpack on, so grown up.

I just hope that Iago and Galahad are nice to him, and Frankie doesn’t try and extort his crackers!

UPDATE: They have returned. Archie had a great time. Jan had to encourage him to go and play with the other kids in the playground – he was quite happy sitting inside by himself reading books. He wasn’t worried or freaked out though so he will fly solo on Monday morning…

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  1. noo noo says:

    What a beautiful big boy setting out on his own! Noo Noo is very proud of you.

  2. acp says:

    Congrats Archie-la. You are so growed-up (and tall!) now. Love you! xox Uncle Ant

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