Brilliant Boys

// October 14th, 2004 // Life

Last night Archie peed in the toilet! We made a great song and dance of it, then about ten mins later he peed all over the floor and immediately burst into tears! Poor little lad. Sign for toilet is now a top priority. Jenni the speech therapist is starting him on this new program tomorrow, where he has laminated photos that he can bring to us if he wants something. We are starting with high motivation items – teletubbies DVD, chippies, story, fluffy! Will be interesting to see how he takes to it. He really misses communicating now I think. He gets quite upset when Harry is interacting with us vocally – he knows he is missing out. So it’s an all out battle now to give him as many means of communication as possible.

Harry is doing great, he’s vocalising heaps now, “guh” is his current fave. He’s very bright and stubborn. It’s impossible to hide things from him or distract him, he always determinedly finds that forbidden item! He is never shy of complaining when he’s unhappy either. Still being a ratbag about sleeping arrangements. He insists on sleeping in our bed with one hand on each mother! A couple of times he has stood up for about 10-20 seconds, then notices what he’s doing and sits back down again. He’ll be ONE in a couple of weeks – how astounding.

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  1. acp says:

    Well, my impression is that I think Arch crying when peeing on floor is maybe a good sign… he knows it was a negative thing to have happen and is getting the difference sorted in his mind… since it was song and dance when he did it in the toilet… you know, contrasts & learning and all that. A good developmental step.

    And some more of unasked-for-views… my theory on his communication is that up until now he hasn’t needed to develop verbal communication, since thru signing and motherly understanding he has been able to get his point across… and a good (cute) “bah” has served to express so many things, hee hee. Somehow now he has to extend past that crutch [I mean it was a necessary crutch of course] and get on to verbalising more specifically. It will happen. On wards and updawrds, young man.

    Thank you for indulging my lay views ;-)

    Hugs and good luck to youse all.

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