Phoenix Rising & Shanghai Fever

// September 2nd, 2004 // Life

My brother Sam, as you all know, is lead singer / songwriter / guitar guy for an NZ band called the Phoenix Foundation, and they have just been nominated for Album of the Year at the NZ Music Awards! Is that cool or what? They are up against some of the top selling NZ artists like Scribe, Brooke Fraser etc. The awards are presented on September 22nd, stay tuned. They have a new album in the works too.

I realised yesterday that I am off to Shanghai in less than three weeks! It has totally snuck up on me. I am very excited however.

The itinerary is:
21 Sept – Fly out to Shanghai via 3 hrs at Tokyo Narita
21/22 Sept – Staying at Grand Hyatt Jun Mai tower, the “highest hotel in the world”
23-27 Sept – Staying at Holiday Inn Vista, Shanghai
24-26 Sept – Shanghai Grand Prix!
28 Sept – Fly to Tokyo, staying at Shibuya Excel Hotel
29 Sept – 1 Oct – Staying at Ryokan Fukudaya
2 Oct – Staying at Sofitel Tokyo
3 Oct – Home!!

Wow, I am a bit overexcited now!

2 Responses to “Phoenix Rising & Shanghai Fever”

  1. Xena Warrior Princess says:

    Tokyo! The place to go is Shinjuku. Twenty blocks of lights, fast-food, hookers and more lights. Sparkle and colour like you’ve never seen before. Makes London and New York look like Hamilton in the rain.

    Hope you’re looking after my harp. . . xXx

  2. Lynne says:

    From memory there are lots of cute little stalls at Tokyo Narita airport. More Hello Kitty than you can poke a stick at.

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