Ken Yakitori Bar

// September 7th, 2004 // Life

Gary took us out for dinner last night to the Ken Yakitori Bar in Karangahape Rd. It was very exciting, to start with every table gets a free cabbage to nibble on while you wait – it goes well with Asahi beer I discovered. We had some delicious skewers of chicken mince, prawn and beef tongue! Also melted camembert in little flaky parcels… Very atmospheric and has got me in the mood for the real thing! Only two weeks from today…

Went to see The Village on Friday night at the Sky City MEGA screen. Enjoyed the movie though it did get a little incoherent towards the end. The MEGA screen was an Imax screen with curtains over the sides and top to make it a bit smaller. Not sure if it was really that MEGA – hmm. Had some very annoying children behind us – feet on the back of my seat, and jiggling! Talking, mobile phones, the works. Oh well.

Nice to be going out a little – can you tell Noo Noo is still with us?

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