In Praise Of Harry

// September 8th, 2004 // Life

Harry loves toast. He is cruising along the furniture and walking when pushing a trolley with bricks in it. Thanks to some coaching from ACP, he now says “duck” quite well, he also seems to be saying “drink”. He gets on very well with Archie and they often have giggling fits together over lord knows what. He’s still moving into our bed during the night, luckily we bought a king size! He is a tv watcher and seems to particularly like Big Bird, who sends him into hysterics. His hair is growing very fast now and we think he is getting a top tooth. He is lovely! Cute, clever and good sense of humour… yay for the Haz!

2 Responses to “In Praise Of Harry”

  1. org says:

    WE LOVE HARRY!!! daily updates of this nature from now on, please… ;) love org + ren xxx

  2. acp says:

    Oh, no no, it was he who was teaching me to say “duck” ;-)

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