Holiday Recap

// September 1st, 2004 // Life

Well, here I am, back at my computer after a fabulous visit from ACP, plus an amazing camper van holiday last weekend. I must say it’s hard to update one’s blog when so much is happening, coincidentally this is when one should update MOST as there are actually interesting things to talk about! How ironic. And apologies that the only photo from the trip was a blurry one of Jan doing the dishes!

Here is a quick rundown of the journey…

Day One
Aussies At Kiwi HouseAnt & I went and got the van. It was big and very well appointed. Luxurious even! Took us a while to pack it with all our stuff – we cleverly realised that we didn’t need to pack suitcases as we would then only need to find somewhere to stow them. So just carried baskets full of stuff into the van and put it in the cupboards. Finally headed off about 12 noon. I discovered that I loved driving a big truck! Guess I am a true lesbian. Got to Otorohonga about 4pm to see the Kiwi House, but it closed while we were getting the boys out of the van! Disappointing. We drove on to Waitomo Caves and decided to do the caves first thing in the morning. Booked into the Waitomo Top Ten Holiday Park. Was shocked to discover that holiday parks are expensive! They charge you per person, so our bill was $44 for the night! Swing LowStill it was great to have power, Archie watched Teletubbies on the laptop. A shame that a phone line didn’t come with it so no internet possible. When we arrived the camp was really empty but it filled up over the course of the evening until we had neighbours all around us. Archie had problems getting to sleep but we finally managed it. Had pizza from the Morepork Pizzeria (the only takeaway in Waitomo). Bed.

Day Two
Caver JanAnt and Jan went off to Waitomo Caves to see the Glowworm Cave. I babysat and managed to disconnect us and fill / empty the water. Ant had already bravely emptied the toilet cassette. I met them up at the Caves, they had a great time. Had brunch at the cafe and Arch had a fluffy with hundreds and thousands on top! We headed off for the mountains. It was a beautiful day, in fact we had fantastic weather the whole trip. The mountains looked amazing but unfortunately had a bit of cloud clinging to their tops so you couldn’t quite see the peaks. Drove up to Whakapapa on the side of Mt Ruapehu, and went up to the ski field carpark. Got the boys kitted up with some warm gear and took them out for their first snow experience! There was lots of snow and skiers, a lovely day for it. SnowyArchie seemed to really enjoy it but the rest of us got bloody cold very quickly. We were rather ill-prepared I fear. And Harry got a very cold nose! So we gave up and retreated to the warmth and cosiness of our home on wheels. Pleasant to have a cup of tea and look out the windows at the whiteness and the tired skiers returning to the carpark. We drove onwards, passed Lake Taupo at dusk – beautiful – and arrived in Rotorua around 8pm. Booked into the Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park. It was absolutely huge, very nice private campsites though. Cooked steaks for dinner. Archie went to sleep well but woke up in the middle of the night and was up for two hours – which meant everyone was up for two hours! Except Jan who snored through it all ;-)

Phew… will have to write about days 3 & 4 tomorrow…

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