Post-Birthday Bliss

// August 13th, 2004 // Life

I am feeling pretty happy, as I usually do for about two weeks after my birthday. I just love birthdays, always have, always will. Even the feeling of rushing headlong towards decrepit middle age and inevitable death cannot bring me down!

Of course, this was helped by several nice happenings today. I received two presents in the post, one all the way from Org & Ren in London, and one from Karen in Melbourne. Both were fantastic! A DVD of ‘Xanadu’, my all time fave “forties-meets-eighties” flick from London, and an astounding Ikea light shade from Karen, which goes so beautifully with our new retro lounge suite. Thank you so much gals!!!

And happy news today that Anthony has booked his tickets for his NZ holiday – he will be here in a week and staying for ten days! So we are all very excited about that. It’s his first time to NZ, hope he likes it!

My friend Mindy has her own website, and the launch of her second album in October. Pretty exciting!

Here is another great website – a 90 year old who is walking Sydney’s suburbs, every road street and lane. And taking photos along the way.

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