// August 4th, 2004 // Culture, Life

Xena ShieldDue to popular demand, here is a photo of me and my new Xena shield – pretty cool huh? It is only made of paper mache or something, so wouldn’t be much good in a fight, and has a lot of glue etc on it. But it’s the real thing! The seller got it from the big Xena props auction in Auckland a few years ago. I have actually seen a few other Xena items up on Trade Me – presumably quite a few floating around this town.

And sad news that Archie has apparently BROKEN my Playstation 2. This morning he had got a bit of the tray off – I thought I had fixed it but it now won’t read any discs. Wah! Just as I was halfway through Buffy too! Oh well, maybe it’s a good excuse to get this.

Noo Noo arrived safely last night. It was great to see her! She is staying at Grandma’s.

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