Swanson Report

// July 24th, 2004 // Life

Dune IIWe have just returned from a fun day out in Swanson and Bethell’s Valley. It was remarkably quick to drive out there, good timing on the traffic front I think, so we drove around a bit checking out the nice views of Auckland and Rangitoto. Then went and met up with the real estate agent for the weirdo house. It was truly weird – some aspects of it were really cool but others were really crap. So I don’t think we will be shelling out $800,000+ for it! The real estate agent was interesting, she was wearing a spectacular floral pants suit.

Alas Poor PerdicusThen we trekked out to Bethell’s Valley for some Xena location scouting. I didn’t realise of course that you had to WALK to the location so we trekked off with Harry in the pushchair and Archie on foot. It was great fun pushing the pushchair along stream beds and over sand dunes. Eventually we got to the first spot, a giant sand dune that Xena and Callisto rolled down. It was very cool! Jan decided to recreate the roll, much hilarity ensued. Once she was at the bottom, she realised her cigarettes had fallen out right near the top so had to climb back up again.

Wet AnklesArchie paddled madly in the stream at the bottom and got completely saturated. Then I found the spot where Nerdy Perdy was killed by Callisto, right opposite the sand dune. We were keen to press on but realised that the rest of the way was impassable by pushchair, plus Archie was rather damp, so we gave up and retreated to the car. Pathetic really! Will organise a better prepared expedition sometime.

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  1. org says:

    man i wish i coulda been there for the wonderful hill roll. go action jan go!x

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