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// July 26th, 2004 // Culture

I am loving reality TV at the moment. Here are my current top 4 reality shows:

1) The Amazing Race: Any show where you can find yourself cheering as a dwarf carries a side of beef along a Uruguyan street has got to be good value. Plus there is an icky pair of Christian models to loathe.

2) The Apprentice: I don’t dare to link for fear of finding out the winner. Loving Donald Trump’s emergence as a reality star. Also it has been an interesting battle of the sexes. Now we are down to the wire and have one woman and two men left – can Amy pull it off? Somehow, I fear Bill may triumph! No spoilers please, o commenters of mine.

3) Big Brother: Now we finally have Prime we can enjoy the final days of BB4. I was very surprised at Ryan’s eviction, but quite happy as well! So long as Paul doesn’t win… (Don’t forget we are 24 hours behind here, Oz readers)

4) Pimp My Ride: Rapper Xzibit renovates some screaming poor teenager’s car into a symphony of spray paint, big rims and excessive amounts of electronic equipment. It’s like Queer Eye but aimed at straight men.

Gosh I lead an exciting life don’t I? Don’t you wish you were leading it?

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  1. Dins says:

    Hello – finally have a break from work to check out your website. As no one here seems to gossip about Big Brother i will have to visit your website everyday to get my fix. Can’t believe Ryan went…apparently his mates were selling MLS t-shirts and using money to vote rivals off. Scandal. Obviously didn’t work. I know who goes as it was on last night….but i won’t say a word. Dxx

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