The Tuesday Before

// June 1st, 2004 // Life

We went to look at a couple of pre-schools for Archie as he will need to start next year and we might well be in Australia! So have put him on the waiting lists. They were both good I thought – both had dedicated special needs teachers for extra support but basically it’s full mainstreaming. You get a funny twinge though, thinking of your little lad heading off to such a place, independent of you – but it’s still a way away.

Ant is coming over for dinner tonight – looking forward to seeing him, even though it will be sad too… wah!

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  1. acp says:

    Thanks for last night, Girls. Very much like old times ;-) [but with healthier food]. I left on a positive note though, as I am excited to plan a visit to eNZed. Sad to wave bye to the tiny ones… they will change so much. Still, I must look forward to the “big pop”. Here’s luck for getting settled. Happy trails Jems. And I shall see you for the expedition to Mt. Doom for some ring tossing! xxoo Ant

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