Public Apology

// June 25th, 2004 // Life

Well here we are in Wangavegas yet again. We are staying at the Astral Motel this time, nice rooms and handy to the 24 hour service station for emergency Crunchie bars (sorry again Dr Atkins). Glyn is flying in tonight, it will be lovely to see him even though in sad circumstances.

In Wanganui, they don’t have C4 on free-to-air – the channel I am now addicted to as it plays great MTV shows such as Viva La Bam and Boiling Points. And last night my favourite one of all was on, Pimp My Ride plus Ren & Stimpy. So I rang Karen to beg her to tape them, which she agreed to do if certain conditions were met.

1) Remove the unflattering photo of her that was on this site. Done!
2) Give her credit for taking the very flattering photo of Handsome Harry – a beautifully composed portrait of a baby and his highchair. Done!
3) and finally, offer a public apology on this site for my omissions and indiscretions in the above two instances.

Karen, I am very sorry for any offence or hurt I may have caused by my thoughtless and selfish posting of photos of you on the internet. I also apologise for stealing your photographic work and passing it off as my own. And may I apologise here, in advance, for any future offences I may cause to you, your work and your loved ones.

2 Responses to “Public Apology”

  1. karen says:

    God, don’t I look like the ogre woman now!
    Also in other news I am afraid there was a small disaster last night, and we lost transmission on C4 from 9.20pm until 10.30pm….who would have guessed it!!
    Crazy stuff huh!

  2. helen says:

    and while you’re at it you could apologise to me (noo Noo) for not photoshopping out my wrinkles in all the close-up photos of me. xx

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