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// June 6th, 2004 // Life

Apparently with this software I use for posting (Zempt) you can write blog entries offline and then when you connect, it uploads them all with the correct date and time. Not sure how but I am giving it a go right now, as I have STILL not got an internet connection. I am signed up with somewhere but missing the vital cord to connect my laptop to the telephone socket.

We are in our hotel room on the last night in Wellington. We have had a great time here and will definitely be coming back later in the trial period. Yesterday we drove around a lot, went out to the Matterhorn with Daddles for lunch, and went to visit old family friends Maryvonne and Eddy, up in Wadestown where I spent my formative years. Their house is like a time warp, not much has changed since I was a teenager.

As I write young Harry is desperately trying to grab the laptop and eat it – that’s my boy!

Today we visited Jan’s older brother Chris and his family in Wainuiomata. All the kids are so big, as is always the way with kids. Archie got on really well with his cousin Conal who is 7, and Harry was spoilt rotten by the older girls. It was a bloody freezing day today though. It seems strange that the sun can be shining and it’s nice and warm in the car, but when you get out it’s absolutely chilling, like a beer fridge at the bottle-o.

We went to see an open home in Island Bay. Edwardian house, 5 bedrooms and a large section. It was quite amazing but all the punters were quite negative about it. I suspect there are many great character homes in Wellington.

This afternoon Jan went to see Chris perform in Jesus Christ Superstar at the Wellington Opera House, while I took the kiddies up to see Rachel, Jason & Alex in Haitaitai. I managed to look after both and feed them dinner and all! Perhaps I truly am a functioning parent! Then had fish and chups from Wadestown Seafood and popped round to see Max & Rog one last time. Max was having a party since it is a public holiday here tomorrow and he seemed quite chuffed to be able to introduce the boys to all his friends – he is a real cool dude that Max!

So tomorrow we head off to Wanganui via the Wairarapa – Helen has instructed us to take photos of her house as she hasn’t seen it for eighteen months. I am looking forward to the road trip in Moon Unit – he is a real pleasure to drive. Despite being automatic, we have never noticed him being sluggish – I guess it’s the V6 at work.

Today’s favourite things about New Zealand: fish & chips, shop people not counting the change when you give them a swag
Today’s unfortunate things about New Zealand: The bloody temperature!

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