Back On Waiheke

// June 18th, 2004 // Life

It’s lovely here, fairly warm which is strange. It’s raining today but still quite warm in the house. The phone is on now but we don’t have an actual PHONE – off to get one shortly. At least I can work from home now.

Jan bumped into a woman and her 2 year old with DS at the Waiheke supermarket – the woman was very excited and they are going for a playdate next week. Her little boy is half Japanese and was born in Japan, where the doctors didn’t diagnose him till he was 4 months old. Apparently they said “we didn’t know what a western baby is supposed to look like”! Pathetic! They moved back to NZ for a trial period and ended up staying (she is from Waiheke). Amazing how many expats there are. The phone man who came to install the line yesterday moved back from Perth a year ago but wants to leave again soon.

It is Maori New Year on Saturday, it’s only been revived for a couple of years – it’s called Matariki – so we might go up to the local marae for a hangi. Karen and Dennis and Fred are arriving this afternoon for a weekend on the Island.

I am trying to work on the kitchen table, it’s not going so well, very distracting family having their morning tea! Doh.

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