Waiheke Dreaming

// May 19th, 2004 // Life

Exciting developments – Dins’ parents are over in Sydney at the moment and we might be able to have her uncle’s house on Waiheke Island for a month or two when we first arrive in Auckland. It’s a two bedroom place, has all the mod cons, except for a phone line! I am hoping that they might have a wireless hotspot on Waiheke.

For those non-NZ readers, Waiheke is an island in Auckland Harbour, it used to be a real hippie commune-esque place, but then a ferry service started up and now it is incredibly highly priced and glamourous. Apparently Dins’ relatives paid $17000 for this place ten years ago, and it’s now worth about $450000! There are vineyards and a lot of beaches on the island, and the ferry service is very regular and takes you right to Auckland’s CBD.

Anyway, it’s still theoretical but would be lovely… crossing the fingers…

Preparations are going relatively well. I seem to be dragging my end of the chain but Jan is getting through the to do list at a rapid pace! Garage sale this Saturday.

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  1. ren says:

    Sooooooooooooo jealous. what an perfect place for your young and handsome young family. I’m excited for you!!

  2. org says:

    hey this is ace! fyi, though, the fabulous waiheke island was the scene for my one and only ever foray into the “world” of nude hakky-sac playing (sorry for that picture…). NOT highly recommended! lovely place all the same! xx

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