The Olsen ‘Individuals’

// May 6th, 2004 // Culture

Rolling Stone OlsensMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are no longer to be referred to as the Olsen twins, according to a directive from their publicist.

As they turn 18 on June 13, the young women who have been in show business since they began sharing the role of Michelle Tanner on the sitcom Full House at 9 months say they are individuals.

“As you get older you create your own identity,” Mary-Kate says. “For example, I like drawing, painting, photography, and I love to cook. Ashley doesn’t do those things. We have different interests, but it’s not about being extreme people. We still understand each other and have the same goals.”

Says Ashley: “It’s not like we’re forcing our own identities. It’s who we are; our own styles are coming through, and other people are just realizing we’re two separate people.”

With a little help, of course � such as hair dye. For the first time in their careers, the girls have different hair colors. Mary-Kate’s is now reddish-brown.

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