Command Functions Are Offline

// May 28th, 2004 // Life

Less than one week to go now till D Day. Today is my last day of “work” and the last day I will have my office surrounding me. It all gets dismantled tonight so that the shack can get a termite treatment and then become Storage World for all our boxes of crap. So I will be packing up my faithful old dunger desktop and moving to 100% portable laptop computing! I am using the lappy 95% of the time anyway now. Not sure how reliable the net connection will be after today though as well. Forgive any lapses.

We are coping fairly well with the stresses of packing. At least the whole family is at last well again, three weeks of illnesses were a bit much at this late stage! I think we’ll get there. Glyn & Anna, who are taking over our house, are moving in this weekend. Also there are farewell drinks happening which I hope everyone got an invite to – email me if not and I’ll send the details.

I am feeling sad about leaving now and it’s hard to remember why we are putting ourselves through this. But another part of me can’t wait for it to be over so we can get on with whatever is going to happen next.

Also I have a very bad feeling that I have nowhere near enough warm clothing for Wellington weather. Off to the op shop as soon as we arrive!

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