‘Sixer’ Brice

// March 26th, 2004 // Life

William Brice is a long ago ancestor of mine who played cricket, mainly for Wellington but also for New Zealand. He was known as ‘Sixer’ Brice due to his propensity to whack sixes out of the Basin Reserve. I remember hearing tales of his exploits all through my childhood – I’d love to find a photo of him somewhere. Perhaps an explanation of my love of cricket?

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  1. Perry Hutchinson says:

    I’m Sixer Brices great grandson and live in auckland. I’m Beatties(Beatrice) grandson, Battie was sixers second eldest daughter. Are you a Brice, how do you fit into the scheme of things. Can probably point you to some photos on the web

  2. helen says:

    I can give you a photo of him. He was very tall and gangly – like your brothers! His name was Stanley and he was your great grandmother’s brother. She was called Aileen Brice. He finally lived in Greytown and ran the Green Man which was called something else then. The ? Arms? His daughter Josie (not Beattie) spent a lot of time at Grandma’s house and Grandma loved her.

  3. helen says:

    I think it was the Forrester’s Arms

  4. Perry Hutchinson says:

    Yes Helen, it was the Forresters Arms. Would love to know how you guys are all connected. Theres a large Brice contingent in New Zealand including Bob Harvey (Poppa Brice’s grandson)who is mayor of Waitakere City, Auckland. Many of this family have been gifted with Poppas eye for the ball and talent for sport and have gone on to represent NZ internationally, including Maree Brunton who played basketball from ’69-82 and Tania Brunton who went to 2 Olympic games with the basketballteam (2000 &2004)

  5. helen says:

    Stanley was my grandmother’s brother. So he was my mother’s uncle and my great uncle.
    I used to know Bob Harvey – is he really related? How amazing. Whose son is he?
    My mother used to have holidays with Stan’s family and was particularly fond of Josie. I have some photos of them together. I think they are on Flickr

  6. helen says:

    Where are your web photos? Do you have early ones of the family?

  7. Perry Hutchinson says:

    Jimmy was Bob’s birth father. I have photos of Poppa in a couple of cricket books, one as an older gentleman (but still playing) for Petone and one as a young man playing for NZ in 1902. I’ll scan them and send them to you, or can I post them to this blog? Have also found some interesting links just lately including his birth notice in 1880 in the Christchurch Star and prizes he won at school. I was talking to mum about you and I think you know my aunt, Sally.

  8. Perry Hutchinson says:

    I’ve email some photos through to the blog email address, could you please forward copies through to Helen. Thanks,

  9. Sue Elsmore says:

    Jimmy Brice was a son of Stan and Mary he was married to my mothers sister Joyce, jimmy didn’t know of Bob Harvey’s existence till quite late in his life, but he is Bobs biological father. I have very fond memories of Jimmy we spent a lot of time with him and my aunt when we were kids.

  10. Perry Hutvhindon says:

    I know Joyce, lovely lady and passed away just recently I believe. Jimmy was the kindest man, gave me my first cricket bat!

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