Are Kiwis Chickens?

// March 22nd, 2004 // Me

New concept – recording my dreams for the unsuspecting readers of this blog – fascinating I’m sure.

In my first dream, I was in the driveway of our house, desperately loading bags into the boot of the car. War had broken out in Australia and we were trying to flee the country. On the radio the announcer was saying “500,000 New Zealanders are today trying to leave Australia and return to their homeland”

In the second dream, Jan and I were up at the northern beaches of Sydney, and we decided we were going to move there. We went into a chemist and this woman asked me if I could be a “witness” to her prescription – I had to sign it and fill out all these forms. Then we went to a huge “Pirates of the Carribean” amusement park and climbed all this scaffolding stuff.

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