// September 14th, 2001 // Politics

A shocking article contributing by LJ about the $43 million dollars given to the Taliban by the Bush Administration 4 short months ago. I am really hoping that this tragedy causes some major shakeups in international politics and humanism. What is more important – ‘retribution’ or some measures that will actually prevent such horrific events recurring?

More attack-related info from the web:

  • The Counterterrorist Myth: A former CIA operative explains why the terrorist Osama bin Ladin has little to fear from American intelligence – very interesting.
  • Eerily prescient album cover: This album was apparently scheduled for release this week but has now been pulled while they desperately redesign it!
  • Blowback: A 1996 article about how the CIA aided fundamentalist groups in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion.

In Jems news, today is Jan’s last day at work! Congratulations Jan.

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