One Week To Go

// September 25th, 2001 // Life

Only a week to go till Jan’s due date arrives! I can’t even begin to imagine how our lives are going to change so I have decided to take it one nappy at a time. My mother Helen is arriving on Monday to lend a hand about the place. We have had our capsule installed in the car and are on the verge of buying a cot. Saw Karen & Dennis on Sunday who were heading off for a tour around Australia before they move back to Auckland – boo hoo. But we got a lot of nice furniture from them so can’t complain.

I am still obsessed with Tony Hawk Skateboarding and have also gone into a compulsive music downloading phase which strikes me from time to time! Did a bit of work round at Hugo Street last night, painting the new doors and clearing out the shed etc. It is very close to being ready to rent.

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