Exhausted Em

// August 30th, 2001 // Life

I am very tired this morning after getting up at 6am to go and meet the door installation man back at Hugo St, who then didn’t turn up cos it started to rain! After three coffees I am starting to feel human again. The orientation night at the Birthing Centre was very educational. Covered what sort of things you should bring with you, when to call them etc, pain relief policies and all those things. Made me feel quite positive about the whole labour experience as they all seem so nice and laidback. Easy for me to feel positive though, I don’t have to get the baby out!

For those of you who don’t know, I recently got obsessed with the fledgling science of nanotechnology and have just found this great gallery of conceptual medical nanomachine drawings – bring on that Lung Cleaning Nanobot!

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